We build high trust, self-organising cultures which move fast with minimum drag and are genuinely uplifting places to work

If you feel a bit like:

  • everything is a bit slow and you need to unstick some important stuff
  • there are some tensions and you just want everyone to be able to say what they think
  • you’ve lost track of what you’re about and need to tune back in to your purpose
  • people are finding all the change tiring and you want to get back to flow and fun
  • you need to get better at generating and using good ideas.

We demonstrate and prototype things that help people experience transparency, trust, adult-to-adult relationships, resilience, radical honesty, creativity, responsibility and accountability. (You might find our culture change paradoxes webinar series useful.) In short, we bring the future forward.

What we do

Watch talks from our Spark Action conference

Project story: Kickstarting innovation again at Kraft


For a brilliant brand that had slightly lost its mojo, we signalled huge change with a conference to end all conferences.

No presentations from the front. Full immersion in idea generation and inspiration. A shot in the arm for one of this cheese giant in Europe.

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Project story: Reinventing induction at BBCWorldwide


Most inductions offload a pile of ‘information’ on a day when a new joiner is least able to hear it. The BBC Worldwide induction was no different and we were so delighted to redesign as a powerful cultural signpost and a true ‘orientation’. This work was featured on a CIPD podcast.

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