We build high trust, self-organising cultures which move fast with minimum drag and are genuinely uplifting places to work

If you feel a bit like:

  • everything is a bit slow and you need to unstick some important stuff
  • there are some tensions and you just want everyone to be able to say what they think
  • you’ve lost track of what you’re about and need to tune back in to your purpose
  • people are finding all the change tiring and you want to get back to flow and fun
  • you need to get better at generating and using good ideas.

We demonstrate and prototype things that help people experience transparency, trust, adult-to-adult relationships, resilience, radical honesty, creativity, responsibility and accountability. In short, we bring the future forward.

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Programme: Create
a feedback culture


Shift to an adult-to-adult coaching culture where teams are using feedback all the time to improve their work.

No judgment, no awkwardness, no ‘parent-child’, no ‘feedback sandwich’ – instead, useful data and ah-ha moments that are willingly given and received.

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2 hour virtual workshop: Transforming remote meetings


Email has become a drain on the time, energy and emotional resources of many of us

Form new powerful email habits and excavate the ways email is holding you and your team to ransom… and reduce your inbox to zero in one day.

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