We are clever, nice people who like working together on interesting projects with open, high trust organisations

Onefish Twofish cultivates people with expertise in employee engagement, culture change, business psychology, agile and lean start up, storytelling, innovation and idea generation, organisational design, intrapreneurship, leadership development…

Carrie Bedingfield

Carrie Bedingfield is the founder of Onefish Twofish, an investor and university lecturer. She is best known for her work around creating adult-to-adult relationships at work. She is the creator of Clean Comms, the Employee Heart-Mind Machine and LoMo meetings – all fast, transparent, high trust ways of working, built for an unpredictable, complex world of work where human judgment is becoming more important. She spoke at TEDxSevenMileBeach in April 2014 on ‘How Striving Is Costing Us Everything’ and is a PhD candidate at Cambridge University Engineering Department and also involved in teaching and mentoring at the Cambridge University Judge Business School.

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Andrew Wood (Woody)

Woody is a creative, head- and heart-based facilitator & coach with a strong focus on positive change. He has bags of internal and external experience in culture and behavioural change. Woody is a great driver of action and energy and always knows just the right tone to strike with people in our client businesses. He’s more organised and practical than Carrie 🙂 and the two of them are a great creative partnership, almost always bouncing ideas off each other, whether they are officially working on the same project or not. A tech-lover, a partner in HCubed and early adopter and a deep expert in engagement and communication driven change, Woody brings a huge amount to Onefish Twofish.

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Richard Atherton

Richard Atherton is a seasoned facilitator, coach and an expert in modern management practice. His clients value him for getting the best out of their teams and his deft handling of group dynamics. Richard is a speaker, a regular contributor to industry magazines and blogs on his own site at richardatherton.net. Richard has a keen interest in the fields of complexity, psychology and leadership. Here’s how a client recently described his contribution: “Richard possesses a subtle intelligence, knowing when to challenge and when to let things go. With Richard’s help, people have transformed how they are working. In particular, he has changed how some very experienced managers lead teams. Richard has been a catalyst for our transformation.” – Divisional Director, Global Broadcaster

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Richard Atherton Agile Facilitator

Tracee Finch

Tracee is a multi-skilled coach/designer/creator with a knack for communications, visual design and storytelling. She is highly skilled at turning concepts into tangible outputs, helping connect people to a vision and understand what’s expected of them. Tracee is hands on, creative and has delivered a number of culture and change programmes in partnership with Carrie and Woody including and award winning employer brand and values project. A natural facilitator who can bring out the best in groups, Tracee approaches problems and solutions with people foremost and forefront.

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Marzeta Bodden

Marzeta makes ideas happen for and with big thinking people and organisations, pulling together pieces of a future vision into an actionable plan. She’s an activator and shift-maker working on strategy, communications, experience design and more. In the last 4 years Marzeta has also created, designed, and launched a few projects of her own, directing two TEDx events and co-creating a collaborative, profit-for-purpose book featuring 50+ contributors which launched in October 2016. In her own words: “I want to live in a world where self-defined success is achieved, giving back is a way of life, and every day is treated like a holiday, every meal like a feast, and every paycheck like a fortune.”

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Jess Atkinson

Jess is a graduate in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University with a knack for energising things (our word for creating a feeling in others or changing how they see the world so they do something different). She can energise just about anything from a product to a cause and is warm, empathetic and incisive. Jess is rapidly finding her voice in our world of strategic communication, trust-based culture, complexity sciences, social experiments in business and clean communication. She has the advantage of a world-class degree in the scientific method and that shows up as analytical, organised and logical. If you add a natural understanding of human energy to a curious, analytical mind.. you get something very special indeed.

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Nick Himowicz

Nick is an enthusiastic and forward-thinking facilitator and coach with a special interest in helping large organisations deliver the ‘people part’ of their innovation strategy. He is passionate about turning intangible concepts into something that everybody can understand and talk about. His work is inspired by a wide range of methodologies including Lean Startup, Value Proposition Design, Business Model Generation and the Six Thinking Hats, which he uses with everyone from the CEO to frontline staff to help them understand what innovation is and how they can contribute to making it happen. Founder of Mind Apps, Nick is a tech-lover who knows the importance of limiting distractions caused by technology but also how to harness the power of technology to get the most out of people. With a background ranging from music to teaching to neurolinguistic programming, Nick brings a lot of experience and energy to the Onefish team.

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