We have been fortunate enough to work with many incredible, forward-thinking and open-minded leaders. Here are some of their stories.

At Onefish Twofish, we have deep and rich experience in experimenting our way to building great cultures and engaged, committed employee relationships.  To truly shift a culture from parent-child to adult-to-adult, we always say we need a ‘Magic Person’ to work with, in the business.  This person is the vision holder for the future culture and has deep empathy for the current ways of working. They are trusted by the business and invest great trust in us. Together, we have done some really quite remarkable things. Magic People – we salute and thank you!


Case Studies

Find out more about some of the projects we’ve done…


Transforming how we lead cheese

(yep, it’s a thing…) If you like a bit of Philly on your bagels – or perhaps a cheese triangle in your kids’ lunchboxes – you’re not alone. But it had been a while since Kraft had come up with a successful new product and the whole team needed an ‘innovation restart’.

Reinventing the BBCworldwide mass induction event

Over 80 people a month go through the BBCWorldwide induction as new starters – and we tackled the challenge of immersing and inspiring them with the culture from day one.

Unleashing the people who make Tangfastic and Dairy Milk..

How we lit the fire under a ‘$35bn start up’ by empowering every single person to create the organisation they want. Ou r work was part of transitioning Kraft Foods into new and unknown global brand, Mondelez. Working across all the UK & Ireland sites we empowered their people and unleashed their passion for change.