Listen: how to reduce friction or frustration in ANY relationship at work (or home)

18th March 2019

Friction Free Webinar Series, Episode 4

With founder, coach and practitioner in reducing relationship friction, Corrina Gordon-Barnes.

In this 45-minute conversation with Corrina Gordon-Barnes you will hear:

  • The mental soundtrack that causes all of the friction in our relationships and gets in the way of feeling connected and ‘being ok’ as a person
  • How we give power to the other person, making them the reason why we don’t feel ok – and why we have to stop this (hard, hard, hard – or is it?!)
  • Learn how our expectations set up resentment for the future and, whilst they might be reasonable, they take out into fiction and outside our own zone of power .. and into stress and frustration
  • Discover a step by step process for working with that mental soundtrack to break its power over us, get into stress-free reality and making progress towards what we DO want rather than fighting what we DON’T want.
  • And why acceptance is the opposite of being passive (bear with us!) and takes us INTO our power
  • ***Listen to A live coaching session with Carrie, working through a real scenario for real using this process***



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