Listen: why beauty might be the ultimate metric for cultural change

22nd April 2019

On the Horizon Webinar Series, Episode 1

With author, speaker and creator of beauty in business, Alan Moore.

In this 40-minute conversation with Alan Moore you will hear:

  • Beauty forms the building blocks for life and therefore a beautiful business in one that is there to add to the world, and the opposite of one that is designed to consume and amass profit at any cost
  • We are not really allowed to talk about beauty at work – despite the fact that it’s one of the most powerful organising principles we have available to us as humans
  • “Is this the most beautiful decision we can make” is the ultimate cut through. Everyone knows what this means. It speaks to a higher, deeper, more integrated
  • Is beauty too high an aspiration for a regular business like yours and mine?
  • What beautiful leadership, decision making, culture products and services really look like in practice – from zero hours contracts to fuel emissions.
  • None of us want to make ugly decisions – and what beauty truly gives us.
  • Our future values are shifting and we want the profitable decision AND the good decision (and millennials are willing to fight for it)



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