Listen: developing a culture of self responsibility – how the heck should organisations do that?!

15th July 2019

On The Horizon Series, Episode 4

In this 45-minute conversation with Alan Wick, business coach and consultant – you will hear:

  • The legacy of command and control, KPIs and the rigidity of 20th century management thinking
  • Why we shouldn’t be seduced by the fashion for throwing around words like empowerment, freedom and self responsible
  • What is a realistic goal for uber large or highly regulated organisations, in terms of self responsibility
  • How to handle organisations driven by big personalities where leaders are ‘leading hard’ and the transition to distributed power feels large.
  • Is it literally a case that the more the self responsibility the better? (Short answer = no)
  • Why (despite the rush for experimentation) developing self responsibility requires a more gradual change and the case for ‘pre-paving’ for the change
  • Hear Alan troubleshoot and me through a range real world examples of where self responsibility has got stuck




Find Alan Wick here:
On Twitter: @alanwick
Alan’s radio show: Real Business on Meridian FM and via Tune In radio