Listen: how to generate change without generating friction

17th June 2019

Friction Free series, Episode 6

Roy Marriott has the deftest of touches when it comes to organisation change. Whatever challenges I’ve thrown at him over the last couple of years (and in this podcast), he seems to have the knack of reframing, rethinking and making oh so simple. Join Roy and I to explore:

  • The two secrets Roy knows that no one else* knows (and by the way, there is a bonus Secret 2A!)
  • Why the greatest impediment to organisational change is the idea that it can be achieved through an organisational change process
  • What Appreciative Inquiry can teach us about generating change without generating friction and help us see organisations as a complex adaptive system in which change is naturally happening all the time
  • What is Agile organisational development .. and why it’s more effective and how you can sell to a board and get a  budget for?
  • What is the Zone of Productive Change? Clue: it’s the overlap between what the org wants and what individuals want.
  • Hear Roy coach me through a real change challenge I’m working on right now.

(*Well some people do, but it’s quite cool to hear Roy describe them in his clever words)

We reference:

  • Kotter’s model of change (and by the way, it’ll take 10 years)



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