Listen: what I’ve learnt from working with 1000 start ups

10th June 2019

On The Horizon Series, Episode 4

In this 45-minute conversation with Alan Wick, business coach and consultant – you will hear:

  • About the relationship to money of the leaders of the organisation – how that transcends both start ups AND large organisations
  • What big companies can learn from start ups about team size
  • The power and curse of a start up style ‘force of nature’ personality in your leadership team – how to handle it, how to use it
  • The concept of “Partneritis” and how that can handcuff large companies too
  • How to develop self-responsibility when people feel far away from the results of their actions in a large company

We reference:

  • Dr. Mary Lippitt (1987) developed a model for complex change with 5 key elements: Vision, Incentives, Resources Skills and plan. You can download a summary here



Find Alan Wick here:
On Twitter: @alanwick
Alan’s radio show: Real Business on Meridian FM and via Tune In radio