Listen: scaling up agile ways of working

27th May 2019

On the Horizon Webinar Series, Episode 3

With Head of Product at Unboxed, Martyn Evans.

In this 45-minute conversation with Martyn Evans you will hear:

  • Learning from Government Digital Service – the surprise success story from the heart of UK central government
  • The unintended consequences of trying to scale something emergent
  • Why we should try to understand our stakeholders to the same depth as we understand the users of the service
  • How to find a way to open up the conversation from when a stakeholder says ‘we know what we want’
  • Why when people who are used to rules start using Agile, weird things can happen
  • Whether it’s worth the cost and blood/sweat/tears of trying to shift to a more agile way of working
  • The credible alternative to systematically rolling out Agile (and it’s very cool)
  • Why Martyn no longer tolerates people saying ‘digital is a way to save money’. It’s not – it’s a way to make things better.



Before the phrase “digital transformation” disappears… find Martyn and Unboxed via Onefish Twofish and here:
Website: Unboxed
On Twitter: @martynrevans @ubxd