Listen: side hustling and what it means for your employees

25th June 2019

On The Horizon Series, Episode 5

Side hustling – the development of additional revenue streams alongside your full time career – is here and it’s here to stay so what should companies understand about this shift in their employees’ mindsets (and income streams). In this podcast, we talk to John Bura, CEO of Mammoth Interactive

  • What companies can gain from fostering their employee’s desire to learn new things, take their own initiative and develop their own side hustle
  • Stealing ideas … or bringing new ideas back in the organisation? How should organisations consider the flow of  intellectual property – both hard and soft?
  • Why what matters most is that your people prosper.
  • The concept of the half-way side hustle – where the employer finds the work for them!
  • What to do when it gets messy…. (and it might)
  • … and how to set up your own side hustle, if you want to do this yourself.



Find John Bura here:
John’s brilliant Youtube channel and the Mammoth Interactive website.
@mammothcompany @johnbura