Listen: why teaching people to tame their email inbox is a route to transforming your culture

3rd June 2019

Friction Free Series, Episode 5

Steve Stark and his company, Then Somehow, make tools for making work better… and he also makes the most heavenly cider in Sussex slash the world.

Email is not just ‘email’ but:

  • a major part of our working life we’ve not been given skills to handle
  • which is influenced by social norms
  • and taps into our addictive desire for information and connection

No wonder it remains a problem that resists solution. Steve Stark’s workshop tackles the root cause of the email problem for each individual – and clears their inbox by the end of the day.

Full of hidden gems, in this podcast you will find out:

  • Why email is not just email but an activity that is influenced by and exerts invisible forces, unacknowledged beliefs and untested assumptions – and that uncovering these is the secret to unshackling ourselves from our email
  • How our email problem is all our own fault… and why that’s BRILLIANT because it means we can do something about it
  • The mysterious outcomes that emerge when people tame their inbox: “I feel more engaged at work”
  • How tackling email is a powerful and accessible lever to address bigger culture issues in a safe way and through experimenting.. including a blame culture or lack of clarity of ownership and decision making
  • And most importantly… what is the earliest socially acceptable time of day to drink cider

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Find Steve and Carrie on twitter:
@bignosebeardy (this is the cider)