Listen: should you be a vulnerable leader? And is that even a thing you should be trying to control…?

6th May 2019

On the Horizon Webinar Series, Episode 2

With coach, facilitator and consultant to senior leaders, Kamala Katbamna.

In this 40-minute conversation with Kamala Katbamna you will hear:

  • Where vulnerability has come from as a concept in business leadership and why you’re hearing so much about it at the moment
  • What vulnerability is and isn’t and its role in leadership
  • Whether you can have, or show, too much vulnerability
  • How to show authentic vulnerability – and at what point it becomes forced and inauthentic
  • The relationship between vulnerability and psychological safety – something many organisations are striving for
  • How you could tackle vulnerability in leadership across a whole organisation
  • How Kamala and Carrie face their own vulnerability by singing together live on the podcast… yikes:-)



Find Kamala via Onefish Twofish and at her website:
On Twitter: @chirp_song and @kamalakatbamna