The Culture Change Paradoxes Webinar Series: exploring tensions, handling conflicting goals and enriching your skills in navigating the real world

For HR directors, culture change leads and heads of talent, these webinars are a deep and helpful insight into what really happens when companies try to shift to a fast, agile, high trust culture – and how to work thoughtfully with the paradoxes that emerge.

WEBINAR – Friday 5th October 2018, 11am, Zoom

The exciting/painful truth about how to change culture in a real business


With Onefish expert on agile culture change in the workplace,
Richard Atherton

Richard Atherton Agile Facilitator

From getting to the heart of leaders to starting small fires

Richard Atherton is one of the most experienced culture change ‘do-ers’ and the host of the popular Being Human podcast on iTunes. A regular contributor to Onefish Twofish culture transformation projects, he will talk candidly about his experiences of going deep with leaders, hacking small successes and a possibly a few trip ups along the way.

Join this webinar if you are responsible for changing mindsets and established practices that no longer serve an organisation.

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WEBINAR – Friday 12th October 2018, 11am, Zoom

How to balance “driving” vs “allowing” engagement


With Onefish expert on employee engagement and experience,
Tracee Finch

Tracee Finch, Onefish Twofish

What to do when you know that employees will see straight through being “engaged” by the business

You want to proactively find ways to engage people. Equally you want to allow employees to engage authentically for themselves. How do you navigate the path between driving an engagement agenda vs creating the conditions for engagement and allowing people to engage, should they wish to? Push vs pull. Centrally powered vs employee driven. Ooof, it’s tricky.

Tracee Finch is a hugely experienced employee engagement expert and has worked with us latterly as a client and more recently as a deliverer on Onefish Comms projects where engagement is one of the specificied goals.

Join this webinar if you work on employee engagement and are looking for a much richer understanding of the complexity and subtlety of of engaging employees.

There will be a chance to ask Tracee questions live at the end.

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WEBINAR – Friday 19th October 2018, 11am, Zoom

The paradox of authenticity vs shared company values


With Onefish expert on understanding and changing customer and employee experiences,
Rick Harris

Rick Harris

Should you encourage authenticity or make everyone “live the values”?

You want your people to be authentic. You want them to fully live out the values (and you possibly measure and reward them on this). How can you enable people to be true to themselves and to the brand values? Is towing the company line authentic? Is it loyalty? Or faking it? How do companies set out a clear culture without being seen as dogmatic? In the latest in our series of HR and Change Paradoxes, Rick Harris explores some of the tensions and possibilities.

Rick Harris is a hugely experienced customer and employee experience thinker and deliverer and a regular contributor to Onefish Comms projects where people and brand values collide. Rick will help anyone responsible for company or brand values to think through how to create a strong, loyal culture without risking dogma or losing personal authenticity.

Join this webinar if you work on bringing to life brand values and/or company values.

There will be a chance to ask Rick questions live at the end.

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WEBINAR – Friday 26th October 2018, 11am, Zoom

How to manage yourself while you’re managing change


With Onefish expert in engagement and communication driven change,
Andrew Wood (Woody)


How to drive change for others and set a challenging pace without leaving people behind

If you are thinking, planning and making change happen, you might find you are also the lightning rod for other people’s emotions. This can be a pretty tough, isolated road, and people travelling it need their own support!

In this webinar Andrew Wood (Woody) reflects on some of the tensions of being a change agent – what is our personal relationship to the change we are responsible for? How can we change a system from inside? And what we can do to look after our wellbeing and energy as we offer so much of it up to other people?

Woody is a tech-lover, a partner in HCubed and early adopter and a deep expert in engagement and communication driven change, Woody brings a huge amount to Onefish Twofish.

There will be a chance to ask Woody questions live at the end.

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WEBINAR – Friday 2nd November 2018, 11am, Zoom

Empowering teams without the wheels coming off

With Onefish Twofish founder, Carrie Bedingfield

How can you dismantle command-and-control and stay safe as an organisation?

To become faster, more agile and innovative (and many other words we through around in culture change) involves some dismantling of command and control. We’ve been talking about ’empowering teams for two decades. The reality of reducing hierarchy and releasing some control is easy to write in a powerpoint slide and difficult to do in practice. And it’s not surprising. Businesses succeeded in the 20th century through controlling processes and through strong management practices. Carrie will explore the tensions between empowering teams and the natural and important desire to keep the organisation safe.

Carrie Bedingfield is the founder of Onefish Comms and has been working super-hard with big companies on important culture change in ambiguous contexts for fifteen years. She is energetic and endlessly hopeful about our capacity to adapt and change, as organisations.

There will be a chance to ask Carrie questions live at the end.

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