Liz Hayward

Liz is the managing director at Onefish Twofish – the big cheese. She’s a highly experienced fish – and one of the original team. She’s all about clarity and finds it deeply satisfying to simplify the complex. This usually means creating tangible, memorable ways to communicate our clients’ brilliance to the market or their employees.

Managing the Onefish Twofish team plays to Liz’s strength as a born leader and a real “Let’s get it done!” person. There’s not much you can throw at Liz that she won’t find a way to overcome.

Liz gets a real buzz from… thinking aloud with a client and facilitating the “lightbulb” moment. “I get inspired when our clients are inspired by their business and the project they want help with. Energy and enthusiasm make the magic happen.”

When she’s not counting fish, Liz is a keen runner, musician and tamer of small children.