We deliver practical tools, hacks and tangible leaps forward towards an adult-to-adult, high trust, uber-productive culture.

…for companies who feel like important stuff is getting stuck and they can’t break out of old patterns.

For companies who want to move to a flatter, more empowered structure, we help you experiment and shift culture for real. Move fast, speak the truth, get more done.


1. Remove friction

Let’s start with a refreshing assumption. People in your business want to do a great job, they have the skills and they have the motivation. What’s the biggest thing standing in their way? The friction of corporate life.

We help companies:

  • Transform meetings to become the giant leaps forward in understanding and action they deserve to be. Try LoMo Meetings for size.
  • Free themselves from the tyranny of email and communicate with speed and freedom. Check out our Email Emancipation for some inspiration.
  • Tear down the barriers to people doing their most valuable work. Slash the red tape. Shift from rules and permission to principles and ownership. Think about doing a Friction Free sweep with us.

2. Hack the culture

We’re here to crush your dream that your Culture Change Programme will work (sorry). Culture change as a project you can plan with predictable outcomes – it’s a great idea but it doesn’t match the theory. Culture is a complex system with unpredictable outcomes. Nor does it match the real world: 94% of culture change programmes don’t achieve their purpose.

We can help you with that.

  • Stop writing powerpoint, start making and testing small things that start a social revolution. We’ll help you hack your way in a single day to a set of firestarter ideas. Try the One Day Culture Hackathon.
  • Change the way you make / let change happen. Release some shackles, change expectations, create some trust, create a project structure where the people who feel passionately about ‘what sucks’ can make real progress. Consider Get Out Of Your Own Way.
  • Build a group of talented rebels who will step outside the boundaries of ‘what’s expected’. Set them up to achieve things only a visionary CEO would have dared tackle in the past. Talk to us about Corporate Rebels: Part I and Part II.



3. Raise the energy

The accelerator or decelerator of change is energy – not money, not time, not ‘buy in’. Cynicism, frustration, lip service, low trust relationships, politics – they slow everything down.

Here’s what helps:

  • Build everyone’s endurance for change. De-emotionalise, de-sensitise your workplace environment. The Shape of Resilience might help you out here.
  • Bring genuine pleasure and satisfaction to everyday work. Find the everyday joy in tasks and relationships at work. Bring back the buzz. Have a look at our Joy at Work programme and Love Your Work.
  • Stop treading on eggshells, start talking more directly, more honestly and with no blame (or rescuing). You might like Clean Comms or our Feedback Culture Revolution.



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