We deliver practical tools, hacks and tangible leaps forward towards an adult-to-adult, high trust, uber-productive culture.

…for companies who feel like important stuff is getting stuck and they can’t break out of old patterns.

For companies who want to move to a flatter, more empowered structure, we help you experiment and shift culture for real. Move fast, speak the truth, get more done.

Three ways to think about shifting to a faster and more productive culture


Remove friction

Let’s start with a refreshing assumption. People in your business want to do a great job, they have the skills and they have the motivation. What’s the biggest thing standing in their way? The friction of corporate life.

We help companies:

  • Transform meetings to become the giant leaps forward in understanding and action they deserve to be. Try LoMo Meetings for size.
  • Free themselves from the tyranny of email and communicate with speed and freedom. Check out our Email Emancipation for some inspiration.
  • Tear down the barriers to people doing their most valuable work. Slash the red tape. Shift from rules and permission to principles and ownership. Think about doing a Friction Free sweep with us.

Onefish Twofish have a unique insight into how to make work ‘work’ in a complex world. Rarely have we seen so much interest in an intervention. 

Hack the culture

We’re here to crush your dream that your Culture Change Programme will work (sorry). Culture change as a project you can plan with predictable outcomes – it’s a great idea but it doesn’t match the theory. Culture is a complex system with unpredictable outcomes. Nor does it match the real world: 94% of culture change programmes don’t achieve their purpose.

We can help you with that:

  • Stop writing powerpoint, start making and testing small things that start a social revolution. We’ll help you hack your way in a single day to a set of firestarter ideas. Try the One Day Culture Hackathon.
  • Change the way you make / let change happen. Release some shackles, change expectations, create some trust, create a project structure where the people who feel passionately about ‘what sucks’ can make real progress. Consider Get Out Of Your Own Way.
  • Build a group of talented rebels who will step outside the boundaries of ‘what’s expected’. Set them up to achieve things only a visionary CEO would have dared tackle in the past. Talk to us about Corporate Rebels: Part I and Part II.


Raise the energy

The accelerator or decelerator of change is energy – not money, not time, not ‘buy in’. Cynicism, frustration, lip service, low trust relationships, politics – they slow everything down.

Here’s what helps:

  • Build everyone’s endurance for change. De-emotionalise, de-sensitise your workplace environment. The Shape of Resilience might help you out here.
  • Bring genuine pleasure and satisfaction to everyday work. Find the everyday joy in tasks and relationships at work. Bring back the buzz. Have a look at our Joy at Work programme and Love Your Work.
  • Stop treading on eggshells, start talking more directly, more honestly and with no blame (or rescuing). You might like Clean Comms or our Feedback Culture Revolution.


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