Giving (and receiving) energising feedback

Many of us avoid giving feedback because we don’t want to patronise, criticise or blame others. But high trust relationships, in which crucial feedback data is sought and shared, feedback propels people to success beyond their expectations. Far from being risky, honest feedback delivered with sincerity builds big, trust-filled relationships that can handle all the change and challenge thrown at us.

“Now I understand how to have energising conversations, even in difficult situations with defensive people and that has transformed my work. I hadn’t realised how limiting my resistance to giving feedback had been and now I feel like anything is possible.”


Give important feedback in a way that is energising and always appreciated

Strengthen relationships, build trust and break through to the next level of performance

Remove the friction of ‘things we don’t quite dare to say’ but wish we could

What you’ll learn

In this course, participants will learn and practice:

  • Why direct and ‘high care’ feedback is freeing and energising and why it’s such a worthwhile skill to learn
  • The psychology of tribe, psychological safety and what conspires to have humans see feedback as threat rather than opportunity
  • How to create conditions in which any type feedback is likely to be well received and used to improve
  • Why the ‘old way’ you’ve always been taught to give feedback treats people like children – and what an adult-to-adult way looks like
  • The principles of a growth mindset and how we can develop our team’s and our own motivation to continuously improve
  • How to hold high quality feedback conversations in a variety of situations – both formal and informal.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is specifically designed for:

  • Managers who want to deepen and enrich their ability to develop the performance of their team
  • Teams looking to create a peer-to-peer feedback culture without risking a free for all that damages relationships
  • Anyone trying to become skilled at giving feedback in such a way that is appreciated and welcomed rather than feared or resented


Let’s speak!

If you would like to talk about bringing this workshop, or a variation of it to your organisation we’d love to speak. You can book a 30 minute call straight into the calendar of one of our workshops designers/facilitators and we’ll help you think through your options and what might serve you best.

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What people are saying about this workshop

It was everything I expected and more. You really hit the nail on the head and did not let us escape the issues until we had them pinned down.
I’m both excited and a bit nervous to shift everything to the next stage but I certainly feel alot more confident about the direction we are heading in and I think yesterday was extremely helpful in building consensus amongst the team.
I have really enjoyed working with you on all of this – I couldn’t ask for a better start for the business.


"Many people feel feedback will be heard as criticism but I can show you how to give feedback with great care that is always valued."
Andrew Wood (Woody), one of our workshop facilitators
About Woody


Beyond the workshop…

We can also deliver workshops or coaching for leaders who are seeking to create a wider organisational culture in which powerful feedback is sought and offered. Book a call directly into our calendar for a conversation.