Become an agile change agent 

Managers are under increasing pressure to deliver change at speed. Adopting a Lean/Agile approach is one of the most powerful ways for you to achieve change faster and more effectively.

“Great course which delivered highly valuable techniques that I can apply directly… i.e. truly deserving the lean, agile term.”

Explore a framework for managing the toughest of stakeholders and feel more confident to deal with rapid change in your business.

Gain the confidence of knowing the Lean/Agile philosophy, so you can work even more effectively with IT and Digital delivery teams.

Learn the mindset and the tools to better respond to change challenges in your business.

The two day experience for leaders of change

In today’s environment, change managers are under increasing pressure to deliver change at speed. They’re having adapt to how IT and digital projects are being delivered around them. Senior stakeholders are looking to change managers to provide novel approaches to make change happen. This workshop is for organisations who want to upgrade their internal change capability to keep pace with the speed of change around them. It is for change professionals, managers, leaders and coaches seeking new ways to affect change in their organisations.

What you’ll learn

What we’ll cover:

  • Lean-Agile Change Management defined, and the ‘why’ and ‘when’ to apply it
  • Where change resistance comes from and how to manage it
  • How to use and create lightweight planning tools, such as Change Canvases
  • The art of the business experiment
  • How to lead change from any level in your organisation
  • Tools and practices that you can use right away
  • War stories and real-life examples from other lean change pioneers

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for:

  • People who find themselves responsible for a change programme in their organisation
  • Heads of Change, Innovation or New Ways of Working who are looking to build their skills in Agile change
  • People leading teams who are implementing change projects


Let’s speak!

If you would like to talk about bringing this workshop, or a variation of it to your organisation we’d love to speak. You can book a 30 minute call straight into the calendar of one of our workshops designers/facilitators and we’ll help you think through your options and what might serve you best.

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What people are saying about this workshop

The workshop was excellent – I was extremely impressed and satisfied with the outcome.
Just thought I’d drop you a note to say how wonderful it is to see the results of yet another successful workshop!
Onefish Twofish make everything seem achievable and are a pleasure to work with.

Listen to our podcast on the exciting/painful truth about culture change in a real business, with Richard Atherton

"Change is messy, frustrating, political but this lean experiment approach cuts through to action."
Richard Atherton, workshop facilitator
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Beyond the workshop…

We also work directly with leaders and teams who are trying to implement a lean change approach, supporting on real projects and getting involved as a coach, facilitator and team member. Book a call with Carrie Bedingfield to find out more.