Inbox zero: reclaim your working life from email

For all its many benefits email has become a drain on the time, energy and emotional resources of many of us. Email now dominates our communications, changing the way we work. For many, our days are longer, we are more reactive and we find it harder to make time for extended periods of focused work. Let’s turn that around.

“Brutal but very effective and very supportive” Director of Planning, University

Get out from under your email and create time to work on what’s important

Get immediate relief from the pain of your inbox, right here at the workshop

Set a rhythm that keeps you efficient and unstressed, using your calendar

What people will learn

In this course, participants will:

  • Learn practical advice and simple tips that will help form new email habits
  • Work on a personal strategy to recover time lost to email
  • Explore ideas for alternative ways of working
  • End up with an empty inbox, reduced anxiety and more time for your real work

Who is this workshop for?

This is intended for:

  • Knowledge workers looking to reduce the negative impact of email on their work
  • All levels of email effectiveness from those looking for small tweaks, to those considering a new start
  • Anyone looking for simple, useable advice that won’t disrupt their work

Let’s speak!

If you would like to talk about bringing this workshop, or a variation of it to your organisation we’d love to speak. You can book a 30 minute call straight into the calendar of one of our workshop designers/facilitators and we’ll help you think through your options and what might serve you best.

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What people are saying about this workshop

I’ve experienced a magical gain in efficiency.
The training created the equivalent of two extra days a week for me.
On top of being really engaging and enjoyable , it’s a course that you actually do something with.
Hardest training I have done. Most unique. Probably going to be the most beneficial.
The 1-1 follow up is what differentiates it, it makes it real and actionable.
This course simply makes you more intelligent in how you handle work.
I loved the simplicity and clarity.
Steve’s charisma, enthusiasm and his confidence to push back when needed made it.
It transformed my life for the better.


Listen to our podcast on taming your inbox as a route to transforming your culture, with Steve Stark

"I help people handle their work more intelligently, especially email and diaries, creating space for what really matters."
Steve Stark, creator and facilitator of this workshop


Beyond the workshop…

We help organisations tackle friction at a strategic level, freeing their people from the drag caused by an untamed approach to emails, meetings, diary planning and time in general. Book a call straight into our diary for a conversation about creating more flow and less friction.